56 800px-principaux_bidonvilles1 article-2169773-13F1BF52000005DC-571_634x400 drug-war-mexico-street-dealers-2009-6-20-16-51-51 images-1[Bigem Tosun] and [Rajwa Alseif]


Isolated areas such as ghettos and slums suffer from poverty and a high crime and drug rate due to the poor statuses of people living in or around those areas.  Many issues have developed throughout the years regarding this situation and many seek to solve it. The idea of isolation and being far away from the city is never a positive sign for the economy or citizens. A way of decreasing the danger and unhealthy living in slums and ghettos would be to increase or insert more public and commercial places such as parks, malls, restaurant, and maybe also hotels. With this movement the ghettos and/or slums will be more connected to the enlightened city and will attract more attraction towards it causing the area to decrease in crime and drug rate since there will be a more mixed environment which will lead to a safer surrounding with more awareness.



factory-during-the-industrial-revolution[London’s Suburbs] 

[London], [England], [1600’s]images-2 images textilemill

In his book “Lost Londons: Change, Crime and Control in the Capital City 1550-1660”, Paul Griffiths highlights the fast change in London’s population and it’s outcome as the new populations’ settling down in the suburbs close to London after  not finding space opportunities in the central London. In the last half of the 17th century London has started to be the most provider city to it’s locals in the Great Britain and joined the biggest and richest world capitals by its economical growth. The city has become a destination for both Europeans and British who are seeking job opportunities. In fact General Register Office of United Kingdom states that 17% of the whole population of Britain had been a living in London between the mid-seventeenth century and mid-18th century.

London’s new population was existing of two different socio-economical groups. There was  a small group defined as elite group who has settled in the central city. Also, there was the larger new population type consisted of single, young and marginal people who were inclined to crime.


[Industrial Revolution 1761] 

[Manchester’s Growth 1761], [Manchester, England], [1761]

Before Manchester became a flourishing city, transportation was in a poor state along with the industrial work and the lack of production of materials. As years passed by, people started to use transport links to connect far areas separated by canals to the city and thats when Manchester started booming. The industrial revolution started around 1761 as estimated but factories and work places were far away from the main city. Factories were build as heavy construction of brick and steel.It increased the number of workers who lived in such working areas which also increased the number of overcrowd poor housing construction and conditions. Living spaces in England were usually large to medium brick looking buildings stacked up next to each other that consisted of 3 to 4 stories, timbre flooring and multiple private or shared rooms. With people living in an over populated area and close contact to one another, diseases and other problems were easily spread around.



[Slums in Mexico] 

[Neza Chalco Itza], [Mexico], [1900s]

Neza Chalco Itza is now the largest slum in the world and is located in Mexico. The slums in Mexico expanded and increased in people when transportation evolved throughout the city and out of it. The establishment of the railroad is what linked Mexico city to Neza Chalco Itza. With this movement, it increased the the amount of people who moved to there for more work opportunities and tourism sites. The slums became over populated with a community of millions of illegal immigrants, unemployed and drug dealers. For housing, people used to live in abandoned mansions and later on turned them into apartment and in other cases people built fast houses made out of wood and or shipping container materials. They usually consisted of small spaces and shared rooms.National-Slate-Museum-ARCHI Slum-Soccer-Pitch-720x509 unmasak06 Urbanization world_slum_ghetto_poverty_usa_100219

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